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Welcome To The Chopper Builders Handbook Online

The primary objective of the Chopper Builders handbook is to provide basic information that will enable everyone to successfully build their own Chopper from scratch. 

 Update Nov. 20, 2011

As many people are aware the old original Chopper Builders Handbook site suffered what we initially thought was a catastrophic hardware and software failure in early 2011. This 'crash' destroyed not only the primary data on the main server and raid disks but also all of the data on our backup server. We took the drives to a service shop in an attempt to recover the files and found that the 'crash' was most likely a deliberate hack of the site that somehow went very badly. The only data that was actually destroyed beyond repair were the image files. A good portion of the html text files were still readable but moved into some strange directories apparently in some attempt to download the entire site to a remote server. Unfortunately a lot of the most recent files that we added to the site were simply to scrambled to bother recovering. 

As a result of this situation we're presently in the process of rebuilding the site from the ground up but that will take a considerable effort and most likely be a long and drawn out process. We ask all of our visitors to be patient with us as we start down this road. In addition I'd like to thank all of the visitors who have supported this site through thick and thin over the past eight years and especially thank those of you have taken the time to help us in this rebuilding process. I think that in the long run we have a much better and more helpful site than the original version.

We're trying our best to get the site back up and running again so please be patient during this transition.







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